Friday, March 02, 2007

An uninspiring week

Subject: TV
Actually, more like 2 weeks, I guess.

"Heroes" gets all darksided and cliffhangerly, but then ignores that and spends a week digging into the backstory a little, and it's amusing (and George Takei is back because of it), but it feels a little more claustrophobic than menacing. All sorts of wackiness promised for next Monday, though.

"Studio 60" has been preempted by a new show that I'm not bothering with.

"Galact-oh-yeah" has been on a soapbox-of-the-week sort of thing, which is fine, but it's not particularly epic. I figure that'll change soon.

I've been sampling a recent BBC show called "The State Within", which is kind of like "24: British Embassy Edition", but seems to be more of a button-pusher kind of drama about the subject matter as opposed to anything particularly nuanced. Might grow into it, might now. 3 episodes in and I'm losing momentum.

I've dropped "Stargate: Atlantis". I'm still working my way through old "Deep Space Nine" episodes when they bubble up on my Netflix queue. That'll probably last me a couple of years at this rate...

No "Rome" this week, but last week was an actual epic battle, and a few very interesting character-acting moments, particularly with the death of Cicero.

I've gotten a hold of a couple of seasons of the BBC archeology show "Time Team", which is really quite interesting, albiet a little dry. Still, it makes for an interesting distraction.

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