Sunday, April 01, 2007

Le Grande Rewatch

Subject: Noir
Over on the 'Fan, I had posted my intention to rewatch "Noir" and "MADLAX" before "El Cazador" got started, and invited anyone crazy enough to try and do the same. Then, of course, everyone started in, and I suddenly found myself without the time to do it myself. *sigh*

Well, I decided to take a full week of vacation, and I'm going to start tonight. I'm not going to make my goal of finishing before "El Cazador" airs, but I just might finish before the first fansub gets released.

I'm starting with "MADLAX" (so I can save the best for last *grin*), and I'll be attempting to post summaries over on the 'Fan as I finish each disc. But those of you familiar with my history of "PWI" can probably guess how well that will go as the night progresses. Oh well. *cough*

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