Monday, April 23, 2007

They're baa-aack!

Subject: TV
So "Doctor Who" isn't the only show that's back on my radar. Heck, it's not even the only BBC show!

Well, actually, the "Life on Mars" 2nd (and final?) season already came and went over there and I totally missed that it did until I noticed a blurb in The Independent about the finale. So a quick visit to a certain Swedish torrent link site and a few gigabytes of download later, and I have it queued up for watching. I've only gotten to the first episode so far, which seems to be sort of re-introducing everyone to the concept a little bit. It sort of made it seem like they were trying to re-establish the chemistry that developed, but started back a few steps or something. Kind of an odd rythym to it. Still, unless it totally turns stupid on me, I'll get through them eventually.

Of course, I already mentioned "Doctor Who" was back, and that it's still "got it", as it were, but even in the show, even the Daleks are back. So more on-the-edge-of-cheesy horror, and it's quite an entertaining little cliffhanger so far.

But back to what's "back"... "The Sopranos" has kicked off it's final season, and while it seemed at first that it was just languidly setting up yet more slice-o-ganster-life meandering, looking at it closer seems like it's setting up the pins for grand finale to knock down. There's a tension building that is going to be really interesting to see unravel. But I'm also glad it's finally over. The long waits between "seasons" and some of the aforementioned meandering has made it a little tough to maintain as much enthusiasm as I once had for the show.

Speaking of diminished enthusiasm, the hiatus that "Heroes" went on nearly made me forget that it was on tonight. Only when I looked up and saw that my DVR was recording something did it occur to me. And while I liked the cliffhanger episode just fine back then, there was a lot of time that passed and I just didn't think about it much any more.

Well, it came back with a vengance. An insane, extra-twisty WTF kind of return. A fun show to say the least, as long as you let yourself suspend disbelief a little more than you usually would. Comic-book fun. Next week we get to have a taste of the dystopian future, and I'm digging that possibility; I just hope I don't get my expectations too high, though. I've been having trouble with that lately...

Finally, "Stargate SG-1" is back for it's final set of episodes, but I haven't started watching that yet. I tried the "Atantis" variant when it started up on the HDTV channel, but have pretty much dropped it out of boredom. I'm not sure I'm that keen on resuming SG-1 either, especially now that we're actually getting warm spring weather and I'm able to go for long drives in the convertible and watch the sunsets again.

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