Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why didn't anyone tell me "Doctor Who" was back?!?

Subject: TV
OMG, I'm 3 weeks behind on the 2007 season of "Doctor Who"!!

Admittedly, with the anemic and rather lame "Torchwood", I probably would have been a bit hesitant, or at least, not as enthusiastic, to start it. So I'm really not all that late.

But boy, howdy, it didn't dissappoint. The classic ingredients were all there, all waiting for a new companion, new aliens, new slightly-creepy-but-still-kind-of-goofy fun. David Tennant really is into it, and the new woman, whatever her name is, really gets into it to. It's like they boiled a pot of chemistry beforehand and slathered all over the show before they filmed it. I love it!

The "Christmas Special", which I don't remember commenting about, didn't quite evoke any of my glee like this season-opener did. So now I'm thrilled the Doctor is back, and that I have more quality (albiet totally geeky) programming to watch for the spring.

Hopefully, I'll catch up with the next two episodes this week. Yay!

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