Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogbirthday... Again?

Subject: Musings
Go figure. May 21st, 2004, I started up this vain little experiment/outlet. It's been an odd three years, that's for sure.

My frequency of posts peaked in 2005; in total, however, I don't think I've broken the 700 mark. And I've been slacking off a lot lately (especially without the inspiration I was hoping for from "El Cazador"... *sigh*)

Also, my writing quality has taken an extreme nosedive, I've noticed. While some of my best posts were aided by a little bit of a buzz, I've gone overboard more often of late. Sometimes to the point of writing something totally incomprehensible that I quickly delete. (Yes, there *are* more incomprehensible posts than the ones on here!)

Perhaps these years of cartoon brain-candy have taken their toll on my attention span and concentration. Perhaps I never really resolved the underlying issues that were starting to percolate when I first started writing here, and I'm just getting weary of treading the same ground over and over.

Or maybe I've started drinking too much coffee and my thought process is totally fractured -- I had gone cold-turkey slightly before I started blogging, and was mostly caffeine-free for over a year.


But, I'm still here and I still want to write and I still want to work on improving how I write and what I write about. But I also want to keep my "stream-of-conciousness" avenue open as well, because it's really quite a lot of fun.

Here's to another three years, then!

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