Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The return of the languid Sunday mornings

Subject: Noir
I had a nice little ritual worked out where I'd watch a relaxing anime episode or two on Sunday mornings while having breakfast. "Tsubasa Chronicle", "Mushishi" -- those fit the bill pretty well.

Another one of those was "Victorian Romance - Emma", which just started it's second season. It's a nice, sedate, detail-oriented show with a focus on 1800's England with it's strict social order and conventions and expectations of behavior. The show jumps right in shortly after where it left off, showing the two now-separate lives of William and Emma. And, of course, my favorite character Hakim, the Indian prince, is back along with his deadpan-expression harem that cracks me up so much.

I'm not expecting the story to break much ground, but I figure it will be interesting to watch nonetheless.

Though the subtitle releases aren't very predictable yet, I'm finding Sunday morning is also a good time for "Romeo X Juliet". It's not a particularly sedate series in any way, but there's a nice spark to the lead characters that gives them life and interest, and there's a solid attention to detail that keeps it grounded despite the sense that it would go spin off into "epic" if given the chance.

Anyway, it's odd that I'd be going back-to-back with two romantically-oriented shows, especially considering my overall frustration with frustrated romantics, but absent a 3rd season of "Tsubasa", these two will probably do the trick.

I've got a couple of other shows for the season on my "sample" list, but it'll be a little while yet before I give them any serious attention.

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