Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The underrated gem of the season!

Subject: Noir
I've been following BluWacky's summaries of the Spring 2007 anime season, and was intrigued enough by this review of "Denno Coil" from a few days ago to download the raw. There's no fansub just yet, but I watched it untranslated anyhow.

And wow!

It's a for-children story, but it's got a very refreshing natural style to it. And the animation is tremendously lively and sparkling. The production quality is leaps above most typical anime. And to top it off, the characters are all interesting, the storytelling was clearly delivered visually without the need to understand the dialouge (though I'm sure the details it will provide will add another layer of enjoyment), and for a kid's show, it shows far more sophistication than, sad to say, "El Cazador".

And it looks like I'm only discovering the tip of the iceberg here. I was largely unfamiliar with the name Mitsuo Iso, and the notion of a "sakuga" anime, and I seem to have a lot to learn. And apparently the AniPages blog is the place to start. I've scanned through a few pages, and it looks like there's an awful lot that I don't know jack squat about with regards to anime. What a surprise! I figure I'll be lost wandering around in there for quite a while, yet.

This one makes my day. Really! While I'm still entertained by "El Cazador", it's mostly of ordinary and cliché and that has been rather dissappointing to me, and it hasn't done anything to satisfy my need for something "smart" to watch. I think this one just might fill that gap. And I have the added bonus of having a whole new niche to learn about! Hooray!

Here's the promo on YouTube:

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