Saturday, June 16, 2007

Didn't go to Toronto, and I'm okay with that.

Subject: Musings
I never did find out in time what theatre "Paprika" was going to be in, but it was amusing to see a couple of Google hits for the same question I had.

Turns out my little girl had a birthday this week. She needed a bath badly, and I've been really busy with work. Today I took the time to wash her inside/outside and get her set for the summer.

Which kind of already started. It's been gorgeous up here on the lake these last few weeks. Maybe a little chilly, but that's what layers are for. Unfortunately, I haven't had much chance for "working virtually" from my deck. Friday was when I demo'd my big "secret" project for the VP who was paying for it, and it went well. It'll be a while before that one kicks in to needing the same kind of time commitment again, though I'll have to take some time catching up with a dozen things that were on hold while I was working on it. But for July, I'm thinking I might be taking at least 2 weeks off for the holiday, and enjoying this prime-time here on the shore.

Ah, the coals are ready... time to start grillin'. I think I'll watch the "El Cazador" fansub while eating dinner. *grin*

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