Monday, June 11, 2007

The "El Cazador Finally Has a Plot" happy-dance!

Subject: Noir
...and not to the "tacosu" song, either!

...Which, I swear they knew we were going to latch on to as fans, and then proceeded to plan to beat us with it repeatedly!

...But anyway, I'm not here for the tacos, I'm here because "El Cazador" finally has a plot!!

I watched the raw, untranslated download of episode 11, so I'm sure there's even more plot that I've missed, but visually, there's was plenty of things going on to indicate that this show is finally turning a corner from being just a quirky little comic buddy/road movie, to a full-blown conspiritorial the-chase-is-on action show. Hooray!

And it looks like it's gonna be dark. Not a typical "clever" ending with a comic twist. There was a slap-upside-the-head wait-what-just-happened kick in the short-shorts. And the preview (besides showing that we finally get to see Jodie in full hubba-hubba "Blue Eyes" mode) looks like it's going to continue.

You see, we've finally been introduced to the actual "El Cazador". The Hunters. The Hunters of Witches. Well... I think so, because if they said it I missed it. But I think it's pretty obvious that these evil ninjoid bastards are the real bad-guys here. Then we have a mysterious council chamber filled with a hooded cabal -- but I can't quite tell what side they're on (and may likely not even if I understood the dialogue), but they seem to be where Jodie/Blue-Eyes belongs, and I am so looking forward to seeing what's up with them.

Especially since one of them is voiced by the same actress as Noir's Mireille! (The magician our duo befriends this episode was voiced by the actress of Madlax and Aqune... lot's of cameos throughout these).

So I haven't had a lot to say about "El Cazador" up until this point -- 'cept over on the forum of course. We had a brief panic that the show might only be schedule for 13 episodes (an episode 14 title just showed up on the main site, so that's not likely anymore... dunno about a full 26, though). But overall, besides enjoying the clever little jokes, the clever little moments between Nadie and Ellis, the clever little "journey-not-the-destination" fables along the way, it has been a bit lacking in the vibe that I've been wanting for a show worthy of "The Third Girls With Guns" title.

And honestly, perhaps, my expectations were so drastically lowered over the course of episodes 1 thru 10 that I may find myself forgiving quite a bit of what's about to start happening more than I would if it were in that context from the start. But that's okay, really. It'll be entertaining, and I'll be clinging to every frame as it's released. And when it comes to finally having this show go somewhere, I'm going to cling to every little scrap of happiness that brings me! *grin*

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