Friday, July 20, 2007

Prediction: "El Cazador" gets licensed by ADV at Otakon this weekend?

Subject: Noir
Dunno. Just a hunch I guess, seeing as it's Otakon and all.

I wasn't "active" back in the "Noir" days, so I don't know when licensing was announced for that (I assume after the series finished). The "MADLAX" licensing was just a cruel, cruel (and in retrospect, hilarious) trick, happening mere days before the finale.

I'm not sure "El Cazador" has anywhere near the momentum, but it's all but guaranteed that ADV had a hand in it from the beginning, so they may want to prevent a lackluster DVD launch just in case the end-game doesn't live up to the expectations of buyers like me.

UPDATE: Well, it didn't happen at Otakon, but the San Diego ComicCon is next weekend, and the word is that the companies are spreading their title announcments across both.

The good news is that subs for 15 are out, and 16 are pending. 15 is rather amusing now that I can understand it. I think they're making fun of the whole hot-springs cliche, though it's kind of a subdued satire, I guess.

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