Saturday, September 29, 2007

The second-to-last "Taco Night"

Subject: Noir
"El Cazador" is over, and I've finally watched the untranslated end.

I was waffling on whether or not I'd do it now, or wait for translations, but then I told myself: "Self, if, on Friday evening, your friends want to go out for Mexican food, then it's fated that you should watch it." And lo, tasty tacos were to be had that night. So I dialed back to ep 21 or so and got through to the end.


Well, I'll need to see it again. With translation. Ep 25 is still untranslated as well, so I think when both are done, I'll do one last "taco night" and sum up then.

But my quick impression? It was nice. "Nice". Some very sweet little personal moments (which I've been touting as a positive thing for years, so yes that was a good thing). Also, some very funny, albiet eye-rolling moments. The return of the taco song was cute & silly. I was a little dissappointed that it wasn't the "origins" episode I was hoping for, which means there's quite a bit of unanswered questions still. But I'm not too concerned about most of them.

Except Nadie's. Which maybe the dialogue will help a tiny bit with. But those tiny little hints throughout the show not coming to any kind of conclusion or wrapup is a little dissappointing. There are so many episodes that I'd gladly trade for some better focus on Nadie, because I really enjoy her character a lot.

Still, much of the animation and design had a lot of attention paid to it, a lot of care, unlike a few of the notably frustrating earlier ones. And ultimately, the finale reflects the overall series -- it's the personal story of two girls, how they affect their surroundings, and have a few gags thrown in for good measure. Meta-humor, where they're meaningful (well, "meaningful") to the fans of the show, and the fans of its predecessor.

More later once the gaps are filled in, as this show still tends to surprise me now and then with what little gems get said.

Now to decide whether or not I want to watch the "other two" this weekend or not... I'm still undecided.

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