Saturday, September 08, 2007

The surprising return of Taco Night

Subject: Noir
I fell a bit behind with "El Cazador" during my absence.

Of course, it didn't seem to matter too much on the fansub side of things, because the group doing it fell behind quite a bit as well, so the raw I saw before going offline (episode 21, with the condor and all the cutey-talk and Jodie both wearing a cloak and wielding a sniper rifle) was all that got subtitled.

Still, I couldn't resist watching the two latest untranslated raws. Episode 22 starts the Final Arc, after all, and I really want to see it.

And even without knowing what was being said (and I'm sure there's a lot of miscellaneous "plot" exposistion going on there), I was quite entertained by it all. There are some wonderful moments throughout (even the preview for ep 23 at the end of 22... fantastic!), and I can only hope that the fact that it's been "kicked up a notch" lasts through the end of the show. By the look of the preview for ep 24, it's going to be quite a ride! Holy Guacamole!

Of course, I wish this kind of intensity would have been found throughout the previous episodes, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. That said, I watched a couple of more random early episodes, and still found things to appreciate about them. So, I guess I'll get over it and enjoy what's left.

I just hope the fansub group can keep up with it... (j/k! *wink*)

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