Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Subject: Musings
Well, that's over.

My mom was out visiting for 8 days. We worked on a bunch of projects around the house, tried a couple of new restaurants, and that was about it. No anime, no artsy (or action, or... good) movies, nothin'.

While shopping for miscellaneous stuff at a local Target, though, out of habit, I passed the videogame section. For some reason a while back, I got it stuck in my head that I wanted to try out that newfangled Nintendo contraption, but there was never one to be found in stock whenever I looked. But sure enough, for the first time, there they were. Yoink! Mine.

I haven't loaded up on games for it yet, and only had time to briefly try a few things that I rented, but it seems like a fun little bit of kit. On my big screen HDTV it looks a bit more blurry than I'd prefer, even with the component 480p cables. Oh well. The controller is kind of nifty, but takes some getting used to.

Could be amusing. Now to get back to hitting baseballs out of the park... *grin*

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