Saturday, October 06, 2007


Subject: Musings
I feel like I'm perpetually busy, yet I'm unable to actually finish anything.

I managed to clear out over 10 years of junk and throw it in a dumpster to have hauled away, but never got to the point of fully cleaning up my garage. I had made a lot of progress painting my bedroom, but I still need to finish the trimwork before painting the walls (and frankly, by "painting", I probably just mean "smearing paint around with a brush" -- I don't think I have the knack for it). I need to get it finished so I can get new carpet installed, and buy a new bed with a super-premium high-end mattress (in hopes of taking a step towards solving my sleep problems that leave me exhausted and over-caffinated during the day).

I'd spent the summer trying to read the classic "Don Quixote", and despite its reputation and quality -- and finding plenty to relate to -- I've found it to be a tough slog, and have only gotten less than a third of the way through it. I tried a different tack and started the very short Dostevsky story "Notes From Underground" -- it turns out my little rant on turning 40 could easily be a short summary of how it opens -- plenty to relate to there, maybe. But I could barely get a dozen pages in before I found myself re-reading sentences and unable to quite latch on to it. Couldn't focus on the page. I should have picked a lighter read.

I was only watching 3 series from the last anime season, and they're all stuck. "El Cazador" may actually have the last releases appearing sometime soon, but I stopped holding my breath a long time ago. "Dennou Coil", stuck. "Romeo X Juliet", hit with a round of C&D orders, left with only a couple of episodes to go. And so far, there's nothing in the new season to attract me, and the DVDs for "009-1" and "Black Lagoon" are slow in coming.

I tried rewatching the HDTV version of "The Triplets of Belleville" last night, and though I was really enjoying the animation, I fell asleep! Gah! Admittedly, between early mornings at work and lousy nights' sleeping, I was pretty well beat.

So, no missions accomplished, no time to relax. Bleah.

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