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Breaking news! New Bee Train anime for April 2008?!? "Lightning G"? Or is it "Future Diary"?

Subject: Noir
Gawd help me, I really can't untangle what the Google translator is telling me, but after doing a quick search of the MoonPhase domain for Bee Train, I found this blog entry that is totally making my heart race:

未来日記 アニメ化?







Google gives me this:
Future Diary anime?
Foul information Why creditworthiness is unknown, but the citation.

Lightning G `s out information.

In April 2008 from future diary stations nationwide U anime decision and announcement.

Major staff and cast just keep running.

Director: Koichi Mashimo / screenwriter: Yousuke Kuroda / Music: Yuki Kajiura / Manufacturing: Bee Train


Amano snow Bright: Swan Philosophy /我妻由乃: Rie Kugimiya /須圭come Satoru: Hino Satoshi / increase thanks佑: Aya Hisakawa / Kasugano Tsubaki: Mai Nakahara / rain flow it right there: Yukari Tamura / Tsukishima Hunter: Hitoshi Sunao Takiguchi / Ban Hitoshi Yomigaeri: Tomokazu Sugita / shoal or fall: Souitirou Yasushi / Hino in the sun: Ryouko Shiraishi / Ban Nono MAO: KOYAMA KIMIKO / Deus Exe Maki Na: Norio Wakamoto

Mashimo directing. Kuroda("MADLAX") writing. Yuki Kajiura Music... And so much more!

So what I can't tell is if this is saying that this was found in a "future diary" and it's called "Lightning G" -- or if it's called "Future Diary" and someone/something named "Lightning G" reported it... ??

There is a manga called "The Future Diary" (aka "Mirai Nikki")

Ah, I see, there is a "Lightning G's Magazine"... So "Future Diary" must be the title?

It seems like this is unconfirmed, though.

Discussion and further sleuthing in the Bee Train Fan forum, of course.

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