Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Zen of Yanmani

Subject: Noir
Listening to: "MADLAX OST 1"
Mood: Pins & Needles
In the kitchen: Pasta and pasta-related program activities

I've needed a smidge of a pick-me-up after beating myself up so badly earlier this week. For this "vacation" that I'm stuck taking now (while work piles up, according to the constant beeping of my BlackBerry), I was hoping to indulge in some sort of "Le Grande Retour de la Grande Rewatch" -- an uber-marathon to end all marathons. But aside from getting through a couple of discs of ".hack//SIGN", I just couldn't get my heart into it. .hack//*SIGH*

F* the rut, though. I'm gonna watch "MADLAX"! Maybe not all at once, but enough.

Why? Let's just say that this broke my brain:

UPDATE: "MADLAX" kicks "El Cazador's" arse six ways from Sunday. It's inescapable just how awsome it is.

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Anonymous said...

That rendition of Yamani really is catchy.