Saturday, January 19, 2008

All Trekked out and nowhere to go

Subject: TV
I've been jamming on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" discs lately.

I missed a big chunk of the series when I moved out here; and while I saw the very end eventually, I missed most of season 6 and all but the last of season 7. I'm halfaway through season 7 now on DVD.

This is probably the better-written of all the "modern" Trek series, though there's pockets of dumb scattered throughout. Right now, near the end-game, the biggest "dumb pocket" is this whole Vic Fontaine, 40's Vegas thing that they're all obsessed with for some stupid reason. There's a little bit of charm to it, sure, but in terms of suspension-of-disbelief, it's really freakin' hard to accept that a bunch of hundreds-of-years-in-the-future aliens are really into the Vegas showroom Joisey-boy-crooner thang. In every other episode. Dark war themes, intrigue, etc. -- that's the good stuff. But cheesy homages to Rat Pack slang and caper flicks grow a little old after a while.

There's just a few discs left until the series is done, but it's rather tedious at this point, and I wish it would get back to the interstellar gravitas that it started to exude a while back.

Not much else going on besides me working way too much and being stressed out. I got a bit of a bonus, but I just spent it all to upgrade my home theater equipment. Maybe more about that later, when I actually get it...

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