Friday, January 25, 2008

Can't talk. New TV.

Subject: TV
I've been insanely busy with work ever since I got back from Vegas. You may have heard something about Xerox's "brand update". Among other things, I got stuck with implementing a lot of that cra... uhh... effort. (Notice how the stock dropped 33% since that launched. Grrr.) Anyway, I think it's about to clear up.

But I've managed to come up with something else to suck all my spare time away: I've upgraded my "home theater"!

My 56" 720p Samsung DLP is over 4 years old. I've been eyeing the new Sony 3000A 60" 1080P set as an upgrade, but had been waffling between that, and a twice-as-expensive (but the same price originally as my Samsung) plasma. After way too much research, and finding out that Sony is discontinuing RPTV sets, and a decent Circuit City sale + coupon, I decided to go for it.

It got delivered today (between marathon conference calls for work). And wow, is it a sweet bit of kit.

I'm taking advantage of the disruption to overhaul all of my components -- mainly dusting, but also significantly upgrading my HTPC so it can handle upconverting fansubs to 1080p. I love tweaking things endlessly, so I figure that will keep me busy. But it also means I won't be able to watch very much until I'm done.

When I'm done, though, I figure I'm long overdue for a revisit of my most favoritist series ever. You know what I'm talking about... *wink*

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