Saturday, January 05, 2008

She was booed at Cannes, but I plegde my undying love for her

Subject: Cinema
I've mentioned before that I tend to reach an intoxicated state where I wish to make marriage proposals to Sofia Coppola. No matter what, no matter why, her films are the ones that tell me that I would devote my life to her.

Maybe it's because she uses Kirsten Dunst like Fellini uses Marcello Mastriani. Or it's that constant application of 80's New Wave music to her soundtrack, even in the depiction of the almost-corrupt but otherwise 16th-century Emo world of "Marie Antionette" -- the movie she got booed for.

I love "keep it simple, stupid" as a philosophy, and I really think that this movie kept that mantra. But the irony is that it was such an elaborite and detailed costume piece. Far from simple in it's detail. And attention-to-detail is one of my favorite things.

But the story was very simple and straightforward. The role of a woman in that era, even with the most amazingly enriching entitlement. But it was still so simple and understandable.

That all said, I can see the possiblities why Sofia was booed for this. Kirsten's performance was okay, but not all that transcendent. Combine that with the 80's soundtrack and you find yourself split in two directions: identifying with the youthful impulsives back then, to the point of ascribing some sort of universiality to it; or otherwise rejecting the notion that kids will be kids, that what we feel in our late-tweens/early 20's is exactly the way thing were back in the old days, no matter what class you belonged to.

Which is Sofia Coppala's thesis, I'm sure. She's the daughter of a reknowned director herself, and has probably been brought up with great expectations (and greater opportunities). So in a lot of ways, I think this film is trying to express that kind or expectation she percieves. I'm probably wrong, but I can't help sense that in almost every shot.

I'm very tempted to watch "Lost In Translation" right now as a follow-on, but I know I'm not going to get anything more out of it than my usual PWI self would. Still, I don't care if she was booed at Cannes; Sofia knows what she's doing and I love ever moment of it.

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