Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LOL: Snakes on a 'Stang

Subject: TV
Oh good lord.

A "Knight Rider" remake.

In a Shelby GT Mustang of all things.

...Yeah, okay, I was too curious for my own good. But, y'know, for some reason I watched the remake of "Bionic Woman" too. Probably because the remake of "Galact-oh-yeah" was something excellent, I was hoping maybe just a tiny, tiny bit of the formulae would rub off on it a little tiny bid.

But when a tricked-out super-powered Shelby can't outrun a lame generic Ford crossover suburbomobile, and the only vehicles that shatter into a million pieces are Chevy SUVs, you can't help but realize you've walked into an extended Ford commercial... with heavy doses of emo where the original had all that was cheesy about the '80s.

And Hoff trying to pretend he has gravitas at the end... priceless. ...and painful. Bleh.

Curiosity satisfied. Lesson learned. 'Nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

From Noir to a Knight Rider remake. Yikes! :P