Thursday, February 14, 2008

Noir again, Noir again, jiggedy gee

Subject: Noir
Disc one is queued up in my DVD player, I've got a bottle of a nice French Pinot Noir at the ready, and I've tweaked the last bit of tweaking I think I needed to do.

But I've got a classic case of the "pre-'Noir' jitters".

Going back through my ancient drunken Post-"Noir" postings, one comment keeps repeating (only one?? *ahem*) -- that I was worried that I might actually grow weary of the show and start to see it like most every other anime out there. It's been a worry since that first fateful year where I wound up watching it in it's entirety nearly a dozen times. In a year!

Part of it may be that I put so much emphasis on it as a "pinnacle" of animated television. Another part is that I wind up making such a giant to-do out of watching it; I generally need to watch it all at once (I'm going to try to spread it out over a few evenings this time), and I usually get totally s*-faced while doing it (the ultimate being the Hunter-Thompsonesque binge for New Year's 2005) and it takes me time to recover afterwords.

But on every drunken wrap-up, I always mention that I'm thrilled I did it and will always love it, etc. etc. Heck, just last night I watched all of one little episode of "MADLAX" and practically said the same thing! So I would venture to guess that this next round will be okay and everything will turn out just fine.

I'm still hesitating, though. I'm blathering on instead of just watching the dang thing already! WTF?

Okay, time to put down the keyboard, fill the wineglass, and get started!

UPDATE: Well, no danger in me liking it! But much risk in me dozing off because I'm over-tired... Didn't quite make it through the Intoccable pair of episodes. I figured I'd be spreading this out over a few nights, but I hoped to get just a little bit futher along...

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