Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post-Apocolypse Street, USA

Subject: TV
When "Heroes" and "Studio 60" hit the airwaves a while back, I had more or less settled on those shows to watch, and didn't get much chance to sample anything else. As it turns out, there was at least one more show that caught a bit of buzz: "Jericho".

Finally, this week, maybe because of the abject lack of anime to watch, I decided to sample it. The first episode had enough of a hook that I went and grabbed the whole first season (note: just because a torrent says "HDTV" doesn't mean the files are actually HDTV... GRRR...). And once I started watching some more yesterday evening, I found myself wanting to keep plowing through it until I got through episode 6 and was too sleepy to continue.

Granted, by episode 6, some of the cheesier, eye-rolling moments started creeping in. But on the whole, there's the whole "thrown into the middle of a mysterious situation, and finding out little clues here and there" kind of scenario that the whole thing hinges on, and is what keeps me sticking along for the ride. The characters themselves are rather 2-dimensional characatures in most respects -- the hope is at least a few of them will have a "surprise" twist to turn that upside-down. But on the whole, everyone else is a bit too obvious a representation of the different stereotypes, from "aw shucksiness" to "petty bitchness" and a few blatant steps in between.

The show was more or less cancelled early, but was later rescued by a groundswell of addicted fans, much to the surprise of the network. So I'm hoping that while I try to catch up with everyone else, it continues to blaze forward and string me along with little drabs of information that lead to more questions than answers, but without requiring me to think too much. Probably no danger of that.

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