Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Bee Train, for real this time: "Blade of the Immortal" for summer 2008

Subject: Noir
Alas, I didn't get the first scoop on this; I saw it on AnimeSuki.

Apparently, Blade of the Immortal is a long-running, very violent, and often depressing manga series that's got a very loyal following. There was a rumor back in December that it was going to be made a series, but the details regarding Bee Train and Koichi Mashimo just surfaced today.

Of course, the speculation forums are already full of complainers. Go figure.

I've only read a little so far (I really don't want to stumble on anything that will spoil the story for me), and haven't been able to dig up any more information just yet. I'm sure there'll be more creeping up soon. But it seems to be that Murder Princess was an indicator of the direction Bee Train is heading in: more blood. I guess it'll be wait-and-see as to how that turns out.

UPDATE: Almost forgot: Discussion for Blade of the Immortal over on Bee Train Fan!

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