Friday, April 04, 2008


Subject: TV
Galactica's back! Galactica's back! Galactica's back! Galactica's back!

Woo hoo!

A few months back, there was the release of that "Razor" side-story, but that really didn't quite do enough to alleviate the void between the last "season" (are there really any TV "seasons" anymore?) and this long-awaited jump into the finale. Heck, I almost forgot that it was supposed to be back by now, if it weren't for a few well-placed banner ads. Even my DVR forgot about the show.

Still, I wound up actually watching it live, instead of waiting for the DVR to accumulate enough to let me skip the commercials. I never do that anymore!

Gladly, they dive right back into the insane awesome. Without most of the "Emostar Crylactica" that it indulged in for a bit. We're back on the rollercoaster, and about to barrel on down to the grand finale that will either be awesome, meh, or piss everyone off (especially me). We'll see, but frankly, it's better to just turn my brain off and have a blast.

When I finally get to watch all of this again in full HDTV glory, then I'll turn my brain back on and see what I missed...

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