Friday, April 25, 2008

"Kaiba" episode 3: Words fail me...

Subject: Noir
...and not because of my chronic writer's block!

I'm watching these raw the moment I get them, because there's so much going on visually and audibly that, though there's a lot more exposition in the dialogue, and I have no freakin' idea what the dialouge is saying, there's plenty to experience and revel in.

And in the sense that episode 2 went and flipped any notion of "kiddie show" on it's ear by going a bit extra-suggestive, episode 3 goes and does it and flips that one on it's ear as well, by becoming a very touching, personal little bit of drama. The key scenes hardly have any dialouge at all, and you can follow them quite clearly. And if you're not misting up even just a tiny bit by the (perfectly-executed) closing scene... well...

Anyway, wow! I adore this show. I'm exceedingly impressed. This isn't just some "anime series", this is international film-festival quality animation and story. And I don't know what more to say.

UPDATE: Words don't fail Ben at Anipages of course... (The best part is how he's able to ID the animators themselves -- so many names to learn!)

UPDATE 2: Ben's comments on episode 3 as well; not to be missed!

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen the movie Mind Game yet, I would suggest it, a lot. It's by the same director as Kaiba, and the general style of "What the hell is going on yet I understand it somehow?" persists.

I was looking to see if he had done anything else then Mind Game and a short film called Cat Soup, and I found Kaiba, and was ecstatic when I finally got to watch the raws and see all the visuals and same emotional drama that Masaaki Yuasa is so good at.

If you have seen Mind Game already, well, yeah, its awesome.