Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Blogging Test Drive

Subject: Musings
I've got this spiffy new Lenovo X61T tablet PC that's small, lightweight, and has great battery life. But I hardly use it.

Today's the first warm day I can sit with it out on my deck and give it a try. I'm writing this by hand, directly on the screen. The handwriting recognition isn't too bad, but it's got its quirks. The entry widget helps a lot with a quick interface for correcting some of my sloppier scribblings, but on the whole, it's surprising what it does recognize.

That said, it's taking far too long to scribble this, and my hand is starting to hurt. *Sigh* I think I'll save the pen for sketching and flip over to the keyboard for blogging. I blog infrequently enough lately, it shouldn't cause me pain as well!

(Fun fact: The handwriting recognition keeps thinking "blogging" is "flogging" . Or "dogging'. And "flogging" is "flossing". Grrr.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Four years, huh?

Subject: Musings
Blogiversary time again. Hard to believe it's been four years since my first post.

And hard to believe that the Animestuff-R "The Music of Noir" page is still there. I wonder if they're still playing that stream?

I wish I could promise that I'm going to turn a corner and try to get back into the observational groove and write more often. I've actually been watching quite a few different things lately. But aside from Kaiba, they're more or less the same ol' same old. I think I'm just about out of anime. I'm dipping into the old-skool right now with Gundam,Patlabor, and Macross, which I enjoy, but don't have anything insightful to say about them. Galact-oh-yeah is kicking arse, but it'll be short-lived and "to-be-continued" sometime in another year; hardly worth the emotional investment.

I'm trepidatiously* standing at the edge of a cliff, looking to dive into a new realm and take my efforts to a new level. First I've got to overcome my fear of "sucking at something". Which is ironic, seeing as I suck at this already.

(*Yes, that really is a word!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two weeks, huh?

Subject: Musings
I totally suck.

(If I actually did go off and spend the last two weeks playing GTA4, I'd at least have an excuse. *sigh*)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Is it wrong...

Subject: TV
...that I'm tempted to run out and buy a PS3 so I can play GTA4?

I've got "Vice City" for the PC, but I had given up on it after about an hour of frustration because I couldn't drive the stupid cars effectively. It seemed like kind of a waste to not be able to do that. And I'm not all that much a gamer -- when the controls or the gameplay mechanisms interfere with the playability and the escapism, I just lose interest too quickly.

Seeing as I just spent a tidy sum on a TabletPC (amusingly enough, something that's mocked on the GTA4 in-game internet), I should probably just concentrate on saving up my remaining pennies for the upcoming food shortages and economic meltdown or something...