Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Blogging Test Drive

Subject: Musings
I've got this spiffy new Lenovo X61T tablet PC that's small, lightweight, and has great battery life. But I hardly use it.

Today's the first warm day I can sit with it out on my deck and give it a try. I'm writing this by hand, directly on the screen. The handwriting recognition isn't too bad, but it's got its quirks. The entry widget helps a lot with a quick interface for correcting some of my sloppier scribblings, but on the whole, it's surprising what it does recognize.

That said, it's taking far too long to scribble this, and my hand is starting to hurt. *Sigh* I think I'll save the pen for sketching and flip over to the keyboard for blogging. I blog infrequently enough lately, it shouldn't cause me pain as well!

(Fun fact: The handwriting recognition keeps thinking "blogging" is "flogging" . Or "dogging'. And "flogging" is "flossing". Grrr.)

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