Friday, August 08, 2008


Subject: Noir
That was f*ing brilliant.

I was holding out until the last sub of Kaiba was done before finishing it, and now that I've seen it, I can't even begin to figure out how to comment on it.

For tonight, I dialed back to the episode with Patch, which I adore for it's raw energy and wonderfully simple little story. Kaiba as a whole gets a little more convoluted and a tad more involved after that point as well, because we start to get a glimpse into the reality of that nutty little universe the show is based in.

And "nutty" it remains, in that if you were to attempt to describe this show's purpose in rational terms, you'd fail, and fail hard. It's all in the wonderful expressions and reactions of the characters toward each other, and it culminates in an unparalleled love story... at least in anime terms.

The beauty and purity of the expression of the characters, the simplicity and the universality of the themes therin, totally make the otherwise surreal (or "dada"??) universe a mere setting for feeling the emotion that ensues. Who cares about the technical details? This is a love story, and the purity of heart that is expressed feels as genuine as anything I've seen drawn at 24fps (give or take).

This is an impressive (and probably unlicensable) work, and I stand in awe of it's execution. Hopefully Ben over on his Anipages will fill in the gaps that I'm incapable of, and round out the credit to the talent that's involved.

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