Monday, August 18, 2008

New trailer for "Michiko to Hatchin" kicks ass!

Subject: Noir
It's a tiny little movie that is dwarfed on my big-screen TV, so I had to move over to my desktop to get a good look at it... and it's awesome! Here, I'll blow it up a little for ya:

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The first trailer was more of a stylish tone-setter; this one actually has quite a lot of footage. Well, rapidly-cut snippets of footage, but there's enough there to see that the character animation and cinematics are going to be everything I could have hoped for. The art & design that's hinted at on the official site is definitely carried through in the footage as well, and some of the moments of action and reaction that are teasingly flashed in tiny bites are promising of real, engaging character portrayals.

October? Can't wait!

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