Thursday, September 18, 2008

Status Check

Subject: Musings
Yeah, yeah, I'm still around. Not much going on blogworthy.

Still watching Chiko: Daughter of Twenty Faces, though it's in a semi-lame lull. New eps were just subbed and I'll see if I'm at the end this weekend. Blade of the Immortal isn't doing a lot for me, and the amount of time between available episodes is killing any tiny bit of enthusiasm. Oh well. Bounen no Xamdou is hanging in there, but the subbed releases seem to show up at weird times, so I can't keep a regular pace with it. Still enjoying it though.

My Netflix rentals have been continuing the old-skool Gundam, Patlabor and soon Bubblegum series. Nothing much to say about those yet, though I'm thinking through some ideas. They do go on and on, though...

Looking forward to Michiko no Hatchin, of course. And on regular TV, the return of Heroes and Pushing Daisies pretty much round that out. Maybe I'll see what ABC does with Life On Mars, but that's about all that's caught my attention for the upcoming season.

The Middleman ended a little while back on an amusing "alternate universe" episode (complete with goatees), and it's a worthy show for passing the time, if you don't try to get too deep with it. The sheer amount of geek references flying by make me realize that I'm probably missing half the jokes, but I'm certainly getting some of the good ones. I haven't heard if it's getting another season, or a real network airing, or what. I'll keep my ears open.

Part of my lack of "internet presence" lately has been just general work stress and a bit of physical distress (likely related). I was thinking that I was prematurely developing warning signs for heart trouble, but as I've found out this week, it's more likely acid freakin' reflux. *relief*. I've had plenty of heartburn in the past, but this wasn't anything like it. Sure enough, though, I think the doctor might be right. Even if (I swear) he's as young as my little brother! Since when are doctors younger than you?? I'm getting old. *frown* That said, I haven't had caffeine or alcohol in nearly two weeks and I'm getting really, really grumpy. Bleh.

In another month, I'm going to a conference in San Jose, and following that up with 3 nights vacation in San Francisco. Anybody got any recommendations (brewpubs, local specialties, attractions)? The Cartoon Art Museum sounds neat, though I'm going to miss their "Pixar" day. Oh well. MOMA and the Anchor Steam Brewery are high on my list as well.

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