Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Accidental Retourist

Subject: Noir
Well, I can't say that I'm actually going to manage a full Noir marathon, but I'm through disc 2 already and I'm up for a little bit more, at least.

It all started when I decided to see if my new BluRay player would upconvert DVDs any better than my very 'spensive Denon would. The verdict is that it's very close. The audio is definitely lamer, but that's because it's depending on my cheaper amp to decode it, I figure. The picture isn't bad -- it doesn't comb at all, though it seems to lose a little bit of cohesion in the details. I think my 'spensive Denon is probably still the winner (until I get the super-'spensive Denon BluRay player... someday...)

Tech-weenie stuff aside, all I did was sample a couple of scenes from Noir that I knew were troublesome, and here I am about to get 3 discs into the thing. It must mean that it's been waaay too long since I watched it. Go figure.

And go figure that I have some pasta and pasta-related-program-activities on deck for a little more "Le Grande Retour" -ing... not that I'm committing to that course of action, but y'know, a little bit of MADLAX wouldn't hurt right about now either.

UPDATE: Well, go figure, but I started falling asleep right in the middle of Chloe's Big Hello (damn this no-caffiene regimin!), so a full-blown "Le Grande Rewatch" is currently non-operative. I might randomly pick through a few different episodes for old times' sake, but right now, I guess I'm just not up for it. Oh well.

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