Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Frakamole!

Battlestar Galact-oh-yeah returns by pulling out all the stops. The cliffhanger of finding the blackened husk of a planet leads into a deep, dark descent into despair and depression; yet also discovery.

And holy frak do they give us some stark gut-punchers when they do.

They totally made it worth waiting all this time for this continue. It's totally rewarding. Over the top, totally crazy, but completely entertainingly dark and heart-pounding.

We're into the race to the finale. There's a chance that it will detour into the pockets of "Emostar Crylactica" that it diverted to in the past, but given that they've given us such a "welcome back", I have faith that I'll enjoy every last minute of it 'til the end. I hope so. It's worth it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The rut, I am in it...

After extended periods of not-blogging, it gets easier and easier to not-blog. No "Year in Review" post. No "Winter Season Preview". No continued praise for Michiko to Hatchin or X'amd. Nothing about the TV I've been watching.

I'm a bit stressed because I'm getting transferred at work. To an office that is a miserable commute to the other side of the city. So I think I need to seriously consider selling my little patch of lakeside solitude and get back into the middle of civilization.

That might be what I need to get out of my rut. Near my friends, near stuff to do. And that's got me mostly convinced to go through with it. In this economy, though, I'm uncertain as to the success of selling this place for the amount that would make the move possible. We'll see.