Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Frakamole!

Battlestar Galact-oh-yeah returns by pulling out all the stops. The cliffhanger of finding the blackened husk of a planet leads into a deep, dark descent into despair and depression; yet also discovery.

And holy frak do they give us some stark gut-punchers when they do.

They totally made it worth waiting all this time for this continue. It's totally rewarding. Over the top, totally crazy, but completely entertainingly dark and heart-pounding.

We're into the race to the finale. There's a chance that it will detour into the pockets of "Emostar Crylactica" that it diverted to in the past, but given that they've given us such a "welcome back", I have faith that I'll enjoy every last minute of it 'til the end. I hope so. It's worth it.

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