Monday, March 09, 2009

My HTPC is dead.

I was going to put the title "Kirika is dead" for this post (I named my computers after the women in Noir, of course), but I thought it would be a bit troll-tastic.

The morning after returning from my trip, I was about to settle in on the couch and catch up with any fansubs and websurfing I hadn't done all week, when I hit the power button on the remote and nothing happened. No spin-up, no POST, nothing. It had been running almost non-stop since Christmas, which isn't unusual for it, and I've had it off for a week on those occasions I take trips, but this time, dead. *sad*

I've ordered a temporary cheap power supply to see if that is the issue (I've tried a dozen other things including the CMOS battery), and then my final attempt will be to totally dismantle it and try to rebuild bit by bit. But if the motherboard has finally given up, I'll be quite sad, as I'm well-invested in all of the equipment on it, and all of the new equipment uses different interfaces. Which means new all-around. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Out of curiousity do you build your computers yourself. Anyway, sorry to hear that, I hope it's just a power supply.

Fellini 8.5 said...

The power supply did the trick, and Kirika is up and running again. Hooray.

I had been building my own computers from scratch since the 486-DX100 days (and rebuilding Rainbow 100's long before that), and I have the attic full of obsolete parts to prove it.

However, I'm a bit behind on the latest tech, as Kirika is getting old. Mireille is an AOpen MiniPC 845 (think black Mac Mini), and Chloe III is spiffy ThinkPad TabletPC, neither of which I needed to build myself.

Altena (my fileserver) is getting really old; I think that's my next project. :)