Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Casshern Sins", "Eden of the East" licensed

ANN reports from Otakon that Funimation has snagged Casshern Sins and Eden of the East, to be released in 2010.

If I had kept up with blogging, I'd have mentioned that I kept watching Eden, and even enjoyed it a little bit, though I found a few minor aspects annoying. Still, the story was kind of interesting.

Casshern Sins was a show I was really trying to work up a decent post about. I had gotten sucked into it a while after it finished, and blasted through it in short order. Though it really had an overbearing bleakness, I thought the design, atmostphere, and unique style were outstanding, and there was quite a bit of energetic, lively animation to make up for a lot of the seemingly static, gloomy angst. It was another of those "journey-not-the-destination" types of runs, where the side characters encountered along the way where often the most compelling part. I look forward to owning this one, for sure.

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