Monday, September 14, 2009


So I get home this evening and fire up the ol' blog (I use my links on the right as my bookmark list), and Google goes and tells me "Blog has been disabled" !!

I try to log in with my Gmail account, and it says "Account has been disabled" !!

Y'know, I've set up a lot of my internet life using this account, so I was a bit concerned. I followed the various "help" bits on Google's site to get to a point where I could enter a plea for help... then nothing. Okay, I figured; this'll take a while. Googling around, I see this happens now and again. Some are panicky. Some are livid. There's a little bit of "be calm and give the form time to do it's magic".

So I endeavor to be calm and wait it out, trying to imagine a scenario where this might be an opportunity to ditch my current personae and build a new internet life* from scratch... And I didn't like the thought so much, to tell the truth.

So anyway, about 3 hours later, it did do it's magic. Well, I'm still not able to access POP, but everything's intact and working again. Phew.

First thing I'm doing is backup all this up! I may not have been very active lately, but I still kind of like some of what I blathered on about back in the day.

*(I actually do have my "real" identity online, and it's not hard to find the connection, but I'd rather not have my obsessive drunken fandom linked to quite so readily, go figure...)

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