Friday, September 04, 2009

Gearing up

Summer lasted for what... 2 weeks? Fall is starting already (which I'm ok with; fall is quite pleasant here if it stays sunny), and my thoughts are turning to...


I'm a compulsive upgrader, both with my computers and A/V gear. With the release of Windows 7 (I have my MSDN RTM ISO's ready to burn) and my burgeoning BluRay collection, I'm going all-out. I found a great deal on the new Denon 2310CI receiver (which will decode advanced surround formats via HDMI, plus other advanced niceties), and that led to me picking up the new Oppo BluRay player (with advanced DVD upscaling that will totally obsolete the very expensive player I bought a few years ago... *sigh*), which led me to getting new parts for my HTPC, which led me to getting a new 24" monitor and upgrades to my desktop, which led to me getting an SSD hardrive for my TabletPC, which led to.... Oh hell.

So all this stuff starts arriving today (and the bill for it all arrives later in the month *cough*). So I'm going to spend my Labor Day weekend doing something that actually cheers me up -- endlessly configuing and tweaking my gear! Hooray!

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Nick Istre said...

You have fun with that tweaking!

I know the feeling as I had just upgraded my A/V setup a few months ago myself. First with a H/K AVR 254 receiver. Then by my dad giving me his old Kenwood JL-730 speakers that he bought in Singapore around 1983 which had the surrounds on their 12" woofers rotted out. Spent around $40 for replacement surrounds and I now have a complete 7.1 system that combines those Kenwoods with an H/K HKTS 5.1 speaker setup (1 center, 4 satelines, 10" subwoofer) I bought in around 2001. This combo just sounds awesome (and the Kenwoods actually matched the H/K setup pretty closely too). I have buddies who spent thousands for a "theater-like" sound that are jealous of how good my setup sounds...

And I am still tweaking it once in a while these days too.

Oh, do tell how well the Oppo BluRay player works for you. I bought Oppo's first upscaling DVD player many years ago and really liked what it did on a 1080i screen, though it's been replaced by a Samsung BD player. I might bring it back into the setup as a region-free player, though.