Friday, January 01, 2010

Finale. Noir Year style.

I've made it to the last disc of Noir. I was going to try to skip a few episodes in hopes of wrapping it up in time to sleep (and not keep the neighbors awake with gunshots and whatnot), but every episode, flaws not withstanding, is perfect. There's no escaping it.

This time around, Mirielle is my favorite. But I still hurt when Kirika goes "dark". Someday, maybe Chloe, or even Altena, will rate the center of my attention, but it's not as likely. They're not as bad as we are led to feel; they're just warped. But Mirielle and Kirika, they're the ones we have to love and want to protect. Or want to protect us... they're rather badass after all! *wink*

Enough of that. Time to finish it, and time to move on to a new 2010. It'll be another year before I do this again. And that's fine. I'm glad I brought myself to do it again, and I hope that I'll always feel this magic every year when I return to it.

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