Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unexpected potential "hidden" gem this winter: "Soranowoto"?

So this Soranowoto show is kind of surprising...

I mean, yeah, on the surface, it looks like just another saccharine "moe" schoolgirl romp. But it kind of isn't, either. For one, they're conscripts in the armed forces, tasked with defending a little out-of-the-way town. Why such young girls are in such a situation is not quite revealed. For two, the world they're in has a lot of undiscovered mystery, isolation, and backstory, and you just don't know the "rules" behind everything, even though it's wrapped in familiarity.

From the Animesuki discussion, the general suggestion is that it's sort of a combo of Habine Renmei meets Now and Then, Here and There, mixed with K-On (which I haven't seen due to my overall allergy to that sort of show...)

(...which, considering some of the shows I've been watching lately, I can't claim any kind of purity in the matter. But that's a discussion for another time...)

Anyway, yeah, weird. But add the fact that the art is quite lovely, there's a fine use of soundtrack, and (my favorite) there's actually some decent saguka-list-worthy animation... well, I'm sold!

I mean really, though there are some gaps, there are some scenes that have such a wonderfully natural weight and timing to the characters, that I thought there may have been some common-ground with the staff from Xam'd: Lost Memories. Alas, not. But whatever, "spark of life" is totally there, and the "moe" be damned! This has potential, if it doesn't devolve into total pandering to fanboy fetishry. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Okay, it's a lot like K-On in the animation and details. It was recommended that I give it a look-see, and I was pleasantly surprised. But... Soranowoto looks like it has much better potential for depth, discovery and a possible big twist, whereas K-On probably stays with the slice-of-life moe comedy antics.

(...and I might wind up watching that too... *sigh* What's wrong with me??)

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Nick Istre said...

YEah, I've been keeping up with Sora no Woto myself; I do see hints of Haibane Renmei and Now and Then, Here and There in it myself, but it's still early. Frankly, it's the only one I look forward to this anime season (well, this and Cross Game, but that's 50+ episodes long and started early last year).

Hopefully, the series will go somewhere in its 12 episode run; then again, Haibane Renmei was still in "Slice-of-life" territory two episodes in, more of a matter of introducing the setting to the new girl (and through her, the audience).