Sunday, August 21, 2011

Live-action Noir is turning out as badly as you'd expect

Some time ago, it was announced that Noir was optioned for a live-action cable-TV series for the Starz network.

Then last week, BTF member Fluffy found the casting slides and character descriptions... which have made their way around to the usual places, spurring quite a bit of ranting and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The changes are rather jarring, that's for sure. And the detailed descriptions and sample casting scenes are even more troubling

60's Paris would be kind of cool, sure. Changing the Soldats to an ancient Muslim clan of the original "Assassins" -- kind of lame and missing the point. But the character changes seem like worst of "pont-missing". Mireille (now "Dubois" instead of "Bouquet") is merged with Altena's scant backstory. And is married. Kirika seems to have been merged with Chloe's personality. And there's more male regular characters, and a lot of sleeping around between them. There's apparently even a scene where Kirika sleeps with Milosh, only to find out he's been sleeping around himself. So she kills him.


So that's been simmering for a bit, only now, a few casting audition videos have been showing up. And my eyes have rolled so far to the back of my head that I don't think they'll ever reset themselves.


I really didn't expect much, I guess. But the things I mostly liked about the show seem to be the things left out, so it remains to be seen if I'll much bother with going out of my way for this one.

Anyway, plenty of discussion over on the 'Fan, for those that can stomach it. Feel free to add your own

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