Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Shinichiro Watanabe show in April!

Last weekend I was almost going to blog (yeah, I was a bit buzzed) that there really wasn't any anime to look forward to and that I kind of miss those days.

Then ANN reports that Sakamichi no Apollon, directed by Shinichiro Wantanabe, with musical director Yoko Kanno, is hitting the Notiamina block in April!

In this coming-of-age story of "love, friendship, and music," a naive boy and a scruffy boy share a passion for jazz in a provincial town in the late 1960s.

Oh, hell yeah!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BTF host provider down for the moment

While I otherwise support all the various SOPA protest blackouts, and BTF would be totally horked if it passed, I'm a very lazy admin who hasn't taken the time to do anything about it. So the current outage is totally coincidental.

It seems there's a general outage over on Dreamhost; I'm guessing some a-tards are DDOS'ng something in that subnet. I noticed a huge traffic spike on my work servers earlier, so something's probably afoot.