Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sofia Coppala still commands my undying affection

I normally watch Lost In Translation when I'm really drunk. This time, I'm only kind of buzzed.

And I still love it.

There's a lot of slagging on this film, and Coppala's film's in general, that I really can't identify with. Not that I'm white-knighting her, but I think she's connecting at a level that really does work if your receptive to it.

Bill Murray's performance probably helps in this case because it's outstanding, but I'd like to give Sofia a little credit for it. Because like I've said in the past: I pledge my undying love to her and will serve her until my last breath.

I'm sure it's because I'm getting too old to attract the kind of girl I fantasize about. Despite my financial success, I'm rather wimpy in the confidence department. I really want to know what Bill Murray's character whispered to her at the end while the Jesus and Mary Chain song started up at the end. It was probably the secret that us old loser guys need to get anywhere anymore.

No, that's not it. I'm pretty realistic about the notion that it's too late for me, but still, that's why this movie really gives me something to gush over.

So, nothing new; and I'll keep thinking wistfully about Sofia Coppola no matter what reality deems appropriate for me.