Sunday, July 14, 2013

BTF host issues coming to an end?

For any Bee Train Fans still checking here for status, my webhost is moving my site to another server, which should hopefully solve these annoying outages. It'll take about 4 hours for the DNS resolution to take hold, so I figure by Sunday night, it will be back to normal.


(2nd post of the year? really?)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Attempted "Noir Year's Eve"...

I started my yearly re-watch of Noir a little half-heartedly. I skipped around a bit (but found it hard to skip much). Unfortunately, some time after I put in disc 6, I conked out, and woke up to the dang DVD menu loop around 2am, missing the New Year entirely.

This may have been my last one. While I still like the show, I'm not getting anything more out of it after all this time (and all those re-watches). I suppose I've got a general lack of enthusiasm over all for a lot of things, and there's nothing new to pick up the slack. Oh well. Onward to a new year.