Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remember 10 years ago when I said I wanted a Hi-Def version of "Noir"?

In time for my upcoming 10th Noiraversary, guess what showed up at my door?

My last post about the end of "Noir Year's" and moving on and all that? Maybe that can wait a little bit...


Jøta said...

It's been a long time since I've last seen the whole series myself, considering my gloomy state of mind these days I've been holding it off. May you be able to enjoy these gems to the fullest. I've always really enjoyed your Noir-centric ramblings, just so you know and even though I haven't ever dared to comment back then. Maybe you'll find the time and leisure for a couple of delightful rewatch impressions. (´∀`)b
Kind regards,

Fellini 8.5 said...

I hear ya on the "gloomy state of mind" thing; this winter has been a bit oppressive for me on a number of fronts. *sigh*

But thanks! If you *had* commented back then, though, I probably wouldn't have felt like I was just babbling to myself quite so much. ;)


Teufel said...

Awesome, Fellini. I'm partial to the English dub so I'll wait for that to (hopefully) come out. People have asked my why I have two copies of Noir (collector's box and normal) - I look forward to them asking why I have three some day.

And count me with jɔta as another lurker who checks in on Kineska regularly. I don't even go off a bookmark, got the address memorized. ;)