Thursday, December 31, 2015

One more Noir Year's

So Funimation released a Bluray of Noir as well...

It's got the 5.1 Japanese soundtrack with subtitles that the Japanese box set didn't, and I thought "this show has brought me so much, so why not spend a little more on it..."

And here we are... on the verge of 2016 and still trying to watch Noir on Noir Year's Eve.

I'm trying to skip around, but I'm finding I don't want to skip much. But knowing that I can't manage to stay awake for a "full marathon", I'll have to make some decisions soon.

I've said over and over these last few years that I've mainly moved on. But I still think about it, and I still felt obsessed enough that I wanted to do this yet again tonight.

Noir in HD. It's easy to take for granted now that I've spent plenty on it, but at the time, it was some sort of unachievable pinnacle.

2015 was a year of treading water; staying put like I have for so long. My career has atrophied, my health is suspect, and I'm in a rut and I'm bored. All within my control, ultimately, but I've been to lazy to address it.

Dunno what will happen in 2016. Will I watch Noir again in a year? Will there ever be another Bee Train production? Will I still be gainfully employed? We'll see, I guess.

Peace and luck for another year, at least.

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