Saturday, December 31, 2016

Once more into the breach

Yeah, another year went by. And everything I would say about it I've said in the last bunch of posts over the last bunch of 1-post years...

And here I am, doing another full-blown Noir Year's Eve. Haven't even skipped around; drank a little coffee to try to make it all the way... it's almost 2017 and we're in Austria and the "shit's gonna get real" very shortly.

*sigh*. I hinted a couple of years ago that I'd be rebooting the "Kineska" concept and I haven't given that up yet, but I'm still chasing a few dreams. In a half-assed most-lazy sort of way I guess...

2016 sucked for a lot of reasons, though it was far worse for others than me. 2017 might bring some changes for me, both in housing and career (or early retirement!). But it might not and next year I'll post from the same rut I've been in for quite a few years now.

I hope the New Year finds what few of you that are left well and safe. I hope next year finds me well and safe as well, no matter the outcome of the next couple of months. And now back to Chloe reciting the Macguffin and setting up the rest of that danged mess that I've obsessed over for far too many years now.

Cheers and luck and peace for the New Year!